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We look forward to working with you and your patients! Improving heart health step by step!

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"8 in 10 cases of premature heart disease & stroke is preventable through healthy lifestyle behaviours"! - Heart and Stroke Foundation

"Participation in Cardiovascular Rehabilitation improves the quality of life and decreases morbidity and mortality in people with cardiovascular disease."  - CCN Standards for the Provision of Cardiovascular Rehabilitation in Ontario 


   Received good advice for improving my fitness level 

  Staff is knowledgeable, caring and goes out of their way to address concerns. They are second to none in the cardiac health care practice. Thank you for everything in improving my health. 

   A great program that is giving me confidence in staying healthy and making healthy choices. 

   Caring , courteous staff 

    Keep up the good work and encouragement!! 

   It was a positive experience. The team was always working to improve the program and was very responsive to suggestions. Thank you for everything! Debbie Mulkins 

Great caring staff, kudos to you all. 

   I was in the program for 1 month before a 1 month trip with much walking and found that without the one month of meeting my MET goals I would not have been able to complete the journey with the satisfaction I was able to acheive . 

I am very pleased with the services I received from "My Heart Fitness". They are a team of very knowledgeable people. 

   The program is very helpful in encouraging fitness improvement and continued engagement in being active. 

   Great staff. Work well with different personalities.

 I appreciate the flexible nature of the staff. At times I have had to change my appointment times due to family commitments that arise unexpectedly. Each request for a new appointment has been met with courtesy and understanding. I also really appreciate the contact with Dr. Alter via computer at each appointment at the velodrome. This way info gets discussed in a timely way and questions can be asked and answered frequently. 

    The team you have demonstrate they care , listen and are experts and give solid advice and work with you to ensure you get as much benefit out of the program as possible . 

 We are very grateful to everyone involved in the program and how much encouragement and guidance we have received.  

 Thanks for good advice 

About Us


From Patient to Progress, From Recovery to Rehab! From Prescription to Program! We specialize in Exercise Medicine for self management. Improving your heart health step by step.

Fitness is the strongest predictor of long-term prognosis and survival. We strive to help patients start and achieve their personal goals with a strong foundation for self management of their health. 

Our professional Heart Fitness team includes Cardiologists and experienced Registered Kinesiologists who provide an exercise IS medicine approach to individuals who have:

  • ESTABLISHED heart disease
  • RISK FACTORS for heart disease
  • PREVENTION of heart problems
  • CHRONIC health conditions

We offer exercise prescription for chronic disease management and prevention of risk factors:

- Diabetes

- High blood pressure

- High cholesterol

- Smoking

- Sedentary 

- Obesity   

- Family history

Exercise also helps other chronic conditions too!

- Arthritis

- Osteoporosis

- Stroke

- Peripheral vascular disease

- Lung disease

- Kidney disease

We believe that every person can learn how to self-manage their own fitness. Our approach is to help set your fitness goals and implement your unique personalized exercise program. We will help support you through educating you on self-managing your own lifestyle in a manner that uniquely reflects your medical condition. 

We evaluate your needs and tailor your program accordingly. For some, exercise medicine will be lower intensity walking programs; for others it may be higher intensity interval training; for others still your program may consist of aquatic-based exercises.  We emphasize both aerobic conditioning, resistance training and flexibility exercises, in a manner that is safe and effective for you!

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My Heart Fitness Clinics

Mattamy National Cycling Center (MNCC) - The Velodrome 2015 Pan Am Blvd, Milton, Ontario L9E 0K7 Canada

Phone: (905) 875 0824 Fax: (905) 875 2655


Monday - Fridays: 8 am - 4 pm

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