What to Expect for your Aerobic Sessions

Our qualified team of Kinesiologists will work with your cardiac history and limitations in order to make an individualized prescription for YOU!

My Aerobic Sessions

1. Intake Medical

This is an opportunity for us to meet and learn about you! This visit includes:

  • Consultation with a Registered Kinesiologist about your exercise plan and goals
  • Consultation with a Nurse about medical history
  • Telemedicine consultation with our program Cardiologist

At the end of your first visit, you will receive an exercise prescription that you can start right away! It is designed for you and is specific to your personal needs, current health condition and fitness goals. 

NOTE:  You will NOT be exercising at this office visit.

2. Field Trial

This session is scheduled 2-4 weeks after your intake session.  This visit includes:

  • Review of current home exercise 
  • Supervised exercise session on either the indoor walking/running track or  equipment room at our location
  • Education on safe exercise guidelines
  • Revised individualized aerobic exercise prescription

3. Reassessment

This follow-up session is scheduled to review your progress on your home exercise routine, discuss any questions/concerns you have about your exercise prescription and health goals for continued success! 

 During one of these sessions we will also introduce you to the idea of strength training and the benefits that you can achieve with it.  This is an optional paid service that we offer once you are consistently hitting your exercise targets!


These aerobic visits are covered by OHIP and subsized by My Heart Fitness Clinics. It is offered at no cost to you. 

What to Expect

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We look forward to working with you and your patients! Improving heart health step by step!