What to Expect for your Dietitan Session

Our Dietitian will work with you to achieve your goals and help you with a Heart Healthy Diet!

We’ve included a Registered Dietitian on our healthcare team

About us

About us


Are you looking for specific nutrition information to help you manage a condition such as: high cholesterol, blood pressure, diabetes or your weight? 

At My Heart Fitness we believe that food, along with exercise, is medicine. By working with a Registered Dietitian, you will see an improvement in clinical outcomes and overall health status. 

Registered Dietitians deliver evidence-based, individualized recommendations that separate fact from fiction. 

We provide you with advice based on your unique health profile to help you reach your health goals.

About us

About us

About us

 Dietitians play a vital role in improving health outcomes in those they work with because they offer sustainable lifestyle and nutrition recommendations tailored to individual needs and health profiles. 

We’ve included a Registered Dietitian on our healthcare team to offer a  complete healthcare experience. Whether you simply want answers to your questions, or you’re looking for more tailored advice regarding weight management, heart healthy eating or diabetes management, My Heat Fitness has the right nutrition plan for you.

My Heart Fitness offers a Group Nutrition Seminar and Private Dietitian Services

How it works

Will my insurance cover the cost?

Will my insurance cover the cost?

Group Nutrition Seminar

  Every My Heart Fitness patient will have access to the Group Nutrition Seminar

This is a 1-hour group session with the Registered Dietitian and Doctor that provides a comprehensive overview of nutrition for heart health and weight management. 

The Nutrition Seminar is integrated into the My Heart Fitness program and come at no cost to you. 

Will my insurance cover the cost?

Will my insurance cover the cost?

Will my insurance cover the cost?


Most insurance (health benefit) companies offer coverage for Registered Dietitian Services. You can typically find this coverage information under Paramedical Services. We recommend you call your insurance company or refer to your benefits booklet to check your coverage.

Ask your My Heart Fitness team member if you have any questions about this, we’re happy to help!


  Do I need a referral? 

We do accept referrals from healthcare practitioners; however, you do not need a referral from your healthcare provider to work with our Registered Dietitian. 

Private Dietitian Services

Prices shown are available for a limited time only. Current payment methods accepted: cash or cheque. We do not currently offer direct billing to insurance companies.

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