Frequently Asked Questions


1.  Is there a cost to attend the Aerobic Session appointment?

No, the aerobic sessions in consultation with a Cardiologist and a Registered Kinesiololgist, are covered by us, at no cost to you!

2.  Is there a cost to attend a Strength Training or Dietitian Appointment?

Yes, these optional appointments are NOT covered by OHIP.  These are a paid service.  We accept credit card, debit, cheque or cash if you choose to book one of these appointment types.

3.  Can anyone join this program?

Yes!  Although we are a referral based program.  You can download and print out the referral found on every page!  Just get your Doctor to fill it out and fax it over to us!

4.  I know I need to exercise, but I don't know what I need to do!  

In your appointments with us, we will explore options to help you improve your fitness, develop realistic goals and offer guidance to support you in making some positive lifestyle changes for your heart health! We will provide you with the tips and tools, including a take-home F.I.T.T. exercise prescription, that you can start to do right away!

5.  What happens after my Exercise Medicine Clinic Intake appointment?

Additional Exercise Medicine appointments will be recommended for you in 4-6 weeks, with ongoing follow up as required. You are encouraged to bring your exercise logs, medication list and any questions you have to your next visit.  

6.  I am concerned I am not fit enough. Do you offer something for me? 

Yes! Together we will personalize your home fitness program, so that it is safe and effective for you! We will help you work towards your individual needs and goals that you can do on your own.

7.  Can a spouse or family member join the Exercise Medicine Clinics with me? 

Absolutely! A heart fit family benefits everyone! It is important to support and encourage one another.  All they need to do is get there family physician to fill out a referral form and fax it to our clinic! 

8. I do not have transportation to get to the clinic for every appointment. Can I still join? 

Of course! We now offer virtual home visits! Your first session with us can be completely virtual.  All you need is either a computer, tablet, or smartphone with a working camera!  After your first visit, you will need to come in to the clinic for 1 exercise session so we can assess your abilities but after that we can check via telemedicine!

Any More Questions?

Feel free to give us a call or send us an email!