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My Heart Fitness

Mattamy National Cycling Centre - 2015 Pan Am Blvd, Suite 213 - Milton, Ontario L9T 2X5, Canada

Phone: (905) 875 0824 Fax: (905) 875 2655


Monday - Fridays: 8am - 4pm

My Training Program - Service Fees


About My Training Program

After a cardiac event or procedure or a decision to make lifestyle changes to prevent cardiovascular disease, sometimes you just need a starting point! We are here to help you start and be successful with your exercise. We will guide you on how to implement your exercise prescription for improved heart health, chronic disease management and work towards achieving your fitness goals!  

  • We will develop, modify, and implement your medically-supervised exercise program. 
  • Our practice and recommendations are based on safe and effective exercise guidelines consistent with the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM). 
  • We emphasize individualized exercise prescription. We are committed to working with you to progressively increase your aerobic endurance, muscular strength and flexibility for long-term health and optimal cardiovascular fitness. 

My Training Program includes:

  • Personalized exercise prescription by a Registered Kinesiololgist
  • Programming options include: Individual and group on-site training or at your home or gym
  • Medically supervised education/exercise training 
  • Choose your program such as walking track, equipment or aquatics
  • Chronic disease management
  • Education for cardiovascular health
  • Goal setting, motivation and support to meet your needs

Please contact us for more information about the NEW My Heart Fitness Training Programs to learn how we can help you!

Training program fees apply. These sessions are not covered by OHIP.